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  1. Dear Admin,

    I sent a email via to the site admin & i don’t know whether its you, so i’m sending it again. I love you100-150 mb hevc porn rips could you please upload your rips to a streaming site. You’ve given a streaming link but are 800-1 gb links, it would be really helpful if you could upload your rips to a streaming site.

    Thank for the share
    Cheers !!

      1. Woh ! Thanks for the prompt reply. That would be great & if you could please upload the previously uploaded 100-150 hevc porn rips too. A small suggestion could you please upload more films of erik everhard, guys a great performer.

        Only place to download a porn film for 100+ mb’s “” Yippy !!!!

        Keep rocking & uploading
        Good luck

  2. I am big fan of your site, I use it daily to downlaod hevc porn..thanks for uploading them in small size and best quality. By the way i’m big fan of sexart uploads.
    Here I found best setting for hevc encodes and it works great. Use them and see Magic

    Use x265
    //Output Setting:
    Container: MP4
    Web Optimized: Checked

    //Picture Tab:
    Picture Width:1280px
    Anamorphic: Loose
    Cropping: custom 0,0,0,0

    //Video Tab:
    Video Codec: H.264/H.265
    Framerate: Same as source
    Contant Quality: 27 RF
    x265 Preset: Fast

    //Audio Tab:
    Codec: AAC (avcodec)
    Bitrate: 96

  3. Give a new tag or category to the SexArt films/videos to easily find them.
    SexArt/MetArt is wonderful and beautiful.

    Categorized all the SexArt videos please , all the fan of SexArt will love to find latest updates in SexArt videos.


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